Nicholas Robinson Named General Manager/Head Coach of Capitals

by NBL Media

For Immediate Release-

December 29th, 2021

The Baton Rouge Capitals named Nicholas Robinson as its new General Manager/ Head Coach Tuesday afternoon. Robinson brings a wealth of knowledge and basketball experience to the Louisiana state capital.

'I am so excited that Coach Robinson has accepted our General Manager/ Head coaching position,' Commissioner Alex Banks said.

'Coach Robinson is a proven winner and brings head coaching experience from AAU, Highschool, College and Professional Basketball. He has been there and done that. He will continue the strong character, discipline, and academic achievement that the NBL-US requires of our program. Coach Robinson will hit the ground running and will be a great fit for the NBL-USA.'

Coach Robinson says he believes Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana has untapped potential to become a top basketball program.

He said, 'First, I would like to thank GOD for keeping me grounded and focused. Second I would like to thank Mr. Kevin Williams and the NBL Family for allowing me to showcase my skill set and provide an opportunity to cultivate young talent.

The city of Baton Rouge has a wealth of talent brewing with skilled basketball players. Our organization, the Baton Rouge Capitals will allow those individuals to reach new heights, build great relationships, and become better citizens through the NBL.

My commitment to my family and friend sis to remain on a true course of rectitude, with the understanding, 'nothing happens overnight. To this end, collectively, we will develop the best product on the court for the city of Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana. In order to achieve positive results, one must work for them, not hope for them.- Bobby Knight'

About the NBL-USA

NBL-US, also known as National Basketball League-United States; is a for profit LLC Professional Basketball Academy that affords student athletes, coaches, and executives' opportunities not often available at the minor league level. The NBL-US was founded in 2019 as an off-season International professional tour league with 6 teams and has experienced exponential growth featuring an International Partnership with NBL-Philippines, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman Islands, Italy, Ireland, South Africa, Netherlands and Spain. The NBL-US is the first Exposure League to have an official partnership with leagues outside the United States.

NBL-US Mission Statement: 'To teach, develop, and expose basketball players to NBA, NBAGL, College and International scouts while providing the local community an exciting brand of basketball and entertainment.'


NBL-US is the obvious choice for any student athlete, team owner, coach, agent, sponsor, scout, and anyone with an interest in professional basketball or the sport in general. NBL-US offers a league that provides the perfect balance between coaches and student athletes while maintaining a high level of competition and a platform that showcases the best available talent in each respective area. The NBL-US is the first minor league to feature International, Domestic, and unsigned high school basketball players.

The Purpose:

The Purpose of the NBL-US is to be a bridge to professional basketball opportunities for student athletes that are unsigned and looking to play at the next level. Unsigned Highschool student athletes, Unsigned college student athletes, or athletes looking to enroll in college and play basketball will be the perfect fit for the NBL-US. Our professional placement service will help educate, mentor, train, develop, and provide National and International exposure opportunities for every student athlete enrolled in our Academies.

The NBL-US enters it's third season in 2022 with eight teams in eight states. The NBL-US is the first United States League that features one team per state. NBL-US maintains an age group of 16-23 years of age.

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